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Engage your readers with a complete mobile app, for iOS and Android, which offers a seamless experience,
with the same features, of the most popular apps like Kindle, iBooks, Google Play Books or Kobo.
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Supported media formats

Everything your readers want


All types, reflowable, fixed layout, accessible


Read, search and interact with any type of PDF file


Listen to your books where and when you want


And if you want to listen to the music you saved on your hard drive you can do this too

Because Digital Right Management matter

The anti-piracy systems the app offers

LCP (Licensed Content Protection), a globally recognized content protection and distribution system.

Publications license management for libraries (loans returns and extensions).

Additional passphrase encryption for better protection of your content (hardened DRM).

Possibility to recall license.

Content delivery, updates, license generation and license management by server API.

Like a Pro.
Your app comes with a full set of reading features like highlighting, bookmarking, search, notes and more. With so many customizable settings, the complete feature set will exceeds the tools of your competitors.

Easy to Integrate


1 --- TTS (Text To Speech) in Android
2 --- Voice Over in iOS
3 --- Letter spacing
4 --- Word spacing
5 --- Font size and font face adjustments.

LOCAL eBOOKS MANAGER (user’s library with customisation options)

1 --- User’s collections
2 --- List of favourite publications
3 --- List and grid view
4 --- Filters by:
- collection
- titles
- authors
- favourites
- unread
- latest added.


1 --- Highlights and annotations
2 --- Bookmarks
3 --- Text margins and justification adjustments
4 --- Translate selected fragments with native translation app for each operating system
5 --- Searching inside the document
6 --- Switching between mode:
- dark
- light
- sepia
- your device theme.


1 --- Playback speed adjustments
2 --- Sleep timer
3 --- Background playback when other apps are launched (multitasking)
4 --- Play on lock-screen (for easy playback control)
5 --- Multiple languages and voices.

Access to content: e-commerce / catalogue integration options

Easily integrate your existing distribution platforms into your app and retain real-time full control over your customers experience. Enable your clients to browse and purchase your titles and conveniently access previous purchases, in their devices, all with open web standards based content, tools, and services.

1. OPDS catalog (1.2 and 2.0 versions)

The Open Publication Distribution System catalog is a syndication format for e-publications based on Atom and HTTP. Enable the aggregation, distribution, discovery, and acquisition of publications. OPDS catalogs use existing or emergent open standards and conventions, with a priority on simplicity.

2. Webview

Webview’s primary task is to allow access to the in-app web browser.
This feature is essential to allow access to your shop made with Shopify or Magento or WooCommerce, etc... so as to display it inside the app. In case you do not have a shop on your site we can help you create it.

3. Side-loading from local storage

One of the most important features is the ability to store data on the client-side using local storage. The app allows data to be stored on the user's device, similar to cookies, but with a much larger storage capacity.


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