Book design layout, typesetting services,
optical character recognition and files conversion

We layout books in 5 alphabets and 50 languages respecting all the
international standards and the most modern technical directives, since always
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We know that typesetting is a combination of art and science that implies a perfect harmony between structural layout and book design.
The efficiency of composition leads to the creation of refined files, ready for printing and suitable for the modern market.
We will convert your manuscript into perfect PDF files and guarantee error-free file delivery. We can perform multiple revisions to allow you to get the file you need.

Are you a publisher looking for professional services for the creation of your books?

When you will collaborate with us, we'll go that extra step to make sure your prepress requirements are satisfied with the highest precision.
We make sure that your doubts are always satisfactorily resolved.
We can choose the fonts and insert caps, create tables and indexes, insert images and lists, headers and footers, etc...
We have extensive experience composing academic and scientific journals that often feature complex designs, elaborate layouts, tables, graphs, diagrams, lists, notes, and complicated mathematical formulas.

We use the most up-to-date page layout software

And we adhere to strict formatting guidelines to always ensure editorial consistency of series or topic
Adobe InDesign

We are experts in using all Adobe software, especially InDesign. We can create layouts from your manuscript or convert your Xpress files

Quark Xpress

Since 1987 the most used page layout program still in vogue. We are experts in using Xpress. We can create layouts starting from your manuscript or edit your old files

Adobe Acrobat Pro
Acrobat Pro

We can create print-ready PDF files from any InDesign, Xpress, Word, FrameMaker, etc... Or create e-PDF (or web-PDF), a popular PDF format for books and magazines

Adobe Photoshop

We use Photoshop and Illustrator to edit the images of your books. Always the highest quality and the lowest weight


We also do Word (or Libre / OpenOffice) editing in case your book doesn't need to be made with InDesign. Never underestimate the potential of this software

the house specialty

Using this popular Adobe software we offer two types of services:
• Typographic layout starting from the manuscript
• Converting from Xpress files to Indd files.
InDesign editing
InDesign typesetting
per page
Categories we can realize:
• Scientific,, legal,, technical and medical volumes
• Research articles and mathematical documents
• Academic and e school books
• Travel di guides
• Magazines and Catalogs
• Cookery books
• Fiction and non-fiction.
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QuarkXpress to InDesign conversion
Xpress to Indd Conversion
per page
• More and more publishers rely on Adobe (unfortunately for Quark) and there are many requests for this type of service.
• Comparatively, InDesign platform has many more merits than the 'old and glorious' Xpress because with InDesign you can manage layouts in a more sophisticate, faster, precise way and with a better support of Unicode characters, but Xpress remains the most widespread platform in the world, also because it was the first to establish itself back in 1987.
• The conversion from Xpress to Indd files will help you manage old reprints or revised editions without a hitch.
Come on, time is running out!
OCR services
OCR services
per page
• Warning: we do not carry out physical scans, we process files, so you will have to send us the scanned files
• The price for a purely text book is è di 0,89 € per page. If there are complications a surcharge is applied
• In general complications always means: images, paginated with double or triple colums per page, tables, mathematical formulas, musical scores, ordered and not ordered lists, footnotes, comments or sides boxes or titles, slanted text, immages on two pages, texts on backgrounds or con borders, texts in other languages included in books in a certain main language, texts in other alphabets (such as Chinese, Georgian, Greek, Cyrillic, Hindi...) included in books in Latin alphabet, indented text (such as poems), etc...
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Professional typesetting

Optical OCR Character Recognition

In addition to typographic layout, we also offer...
A wide range of OCR services to convert scanned documents into an editable and readable format such as

• Word or PDF file
• ePub or Mobi ebook.

You just have to send us the scanned PDF and we will convert them into the format you prefer. We can work with texts, formulas, music, tables and so on...

• both by hand
• and typewritten (ah, dear old Royal...).

Before delivering the work we always proceed to:

  • Cleaning

    We eliminate any sign, symbol or letter not belonging to the original content

  • Proofreading

    We correct the proofs word by word (because you never know!)

  • Editing

    Layout formatting, fonts, tables, graphics, images, characters and so on...

  • Check

    Finally we make sure that the converted output file is the same as the original document

We are fussy people, precise to the last pixel

When we make a book we respect 6 fundamental rules

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