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Specialized in accessibility long before the European Accessibility Act.
With Artificial Intelligence, we automatically generate alternative text for your ebook images.
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Ever heard of IT artisans?

We make ebooks 'manually': we are scribes (and happy to be)
Ebooks are done professionally, or rather don't do them, listen to us! Do not make fun of your readers with products created by automatic converters, there are many online systems and Indesign plugins... But have you ever tried to read these ebooks? Have you seen the code they are made of? Don't fall into temptation, don't let yourself be duped: ebooks cannot be done for free with a click! Entrust the work to professionals: our methodologies are the result of years of experience. You will notice the difference and the cost will surprise you!
Typography is the graphic arts complex for the composition (and printing) of books but typography, today, is also digital. A well-made ebook has to satisfy not only technical requirements that can be 'validated', but also aesthetic and accessibility requirements that are important for your reader to think 'Oh, what a nice ebook, this is a serious publishing house!' Well, we are looking for publishing houses that are honest with their customers, if you are not, you can continue to use automatic converters. But then don't complain if the sales are not great! 😉
Ebook conversion
All formats,
absolutely all

ePub 2.0 or 3.0, Reflowable, Fixed Layout, Read Aloud, Multimedia, MathML o interactive. And if you don't know which format is best for you, we'll be able to direct you

Ebook conversion
Ebooks accessible to all, also thanks to AI

We make ePub ebooks that comply with Accessibility 1.0 specifications based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

Ebook conversion
eBook Read Aloud with voice in sync with the text

We can synchronize the audio paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence or word by word, the choice is yours

Ebook conversion
Very fast delivery times

Maximum 10 days. And if you need it before you can decide the urgency of the delivery, even for... Today.

Ebook conversion

Do you need to change anything in your already delivered files? No problem, just ask and we'll take care of it

Ebook conversion
Mobi with Enhanced Typesetting (and KF8 with popup)

Our reflowable Mobi files (for free if you do the ePub!) or Fixed Layout for Amazon Kindle all already have the enhanced typography option enabled

Ebook conversion
Particular code? No problem

We create ebooks with particular specifications for platforms such as VitalSource, Bento or Inkling. Send us your rules sheet and we will know how to apply it to your ebooks

Ebook conversion
Any level of complexity

The presence of images, tables, lists, colored boxes, notes, scores, formulas and particular graphic layouts does not scare us. We can make reflowable or fixed layout whatever

Ebook conversion
Alphabets from around the world (or almost)

Our Artificial Intelligence generates data for accessible ebooks in 130 languages and in the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Georgian, Arabic and Devanagari alphabets. So you don’t waste time.

Ebook conversion

Our services are paid AFTER delivery, so if you don't like the result (it has never happened before...) don't pay. More guaranteed than that impossible

Ebook conversion

The strengths of our ebook conversion service

If you don't believe us, just ask our customers

Orders processed in a maximum of 10 days

A large team prepared for fast deliveries and on time with your outings

Ebooks accepted by the customer on first delivery

Correcting finished ebooks is a great waste of time: that's why we think twice before delivering!

Percentage of responses to requests for assistance in a maximum of 24 hours

Always relevant answers, without copying and pasting templates, written to solve your problem, right away

Simple and well tested processes
Between saying and doing there is almost nothing... A couple of copy and paste and two uploads: maximum 3 minutes!

The ∞ Panel guarantees you fast and simple orders. Everything always under control: those in progress, those billed and those already paid.
Email communications for each step of the process. Online verification and acceptance. And then... Do you want to publish them? Just one click!
  • 1st Step

    Price quotation

    Choose the ebook format you want to make. Enter the number of pages. Select the complexity level of your book. Choose how many days you want to receive the finished ebook. Get the price of the service. Proceed.

  • 2nd Step


    Enter the data of the work you want to convert: title, subtitle, authors, ISBN, keywords, synopsis and so on. Select BISAC category, age of interest, type of copyright, etc... One minute of copy and paste and that's it.

  • 3rd Step


    Upload the cover and the files we need to work on. We accept PDF, InDesign, Xpress, Word and so on... You can upload files up to 1 Gb very quickly. Don't forget to add any special instructions if there are any.

  • ...4th Step


    A maximum of 10 days, it depends on the delivery time you have chosen during the 1st step, and you will receive an email informing you that your ebook has been created. Enter your ∞ Panel, download the ebook, check it out and send us quick feedback. Ended!

Our rates
for all budgets

No registration costs and, in addition to paid services, free for you: global distribution, statistics, monthly billing, discounts and promotions (as if the price wasn't low enough...), 24-hour email assistance, metadata generator Onix for your paper books, etc...
ePUB Reflowable
per page
• Ebooks IDPF (now W3C) validated for all devices
• Ready to be published on all online shops
• 'Fluid' content within the pages with possibility to choose font size and type
• Latest generation ePub: version 3 (good bye ePub2!)
• Delivery time 10 days maximum
• Any complexity level: scores, mathematical formulas, endless tables or crazy layout, nothing scares us.
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ePUB Read Aloud
per minute of audio
• Ebooks with narration voice in sync with the text
• Option available for both ePub Reflowable and Fixed Layout
• You can choose whether to synchronizee the audio paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence or even word by word
• We can insert audio files in m3a, mp3, Wave or Aiff formats
• Service available in all languages.
Play your ebooks
ePUB and Mobi Fixed Layout
per page
• Recommended when text overlaps images or images are the background of the entire pages
• Fixed layout sets each page exactly as in the paper version
• Great for illustrated books and fairy tales for children, perfect for comics and manga
• Possibility to add voice in sync with text (ePub Read Aloud)
• Also in Mobi version for Kindle with popup (format KF8).
Come on, time is running out!

For ‘special‘ebook formats (such as VitalSource, Bento NewEbook or Inkling), that meet customized technical specifications, or particular accessibility standards (such as DAISY, Accessibility 1.0, WCAG 2.0 o LIA), contact us and we will let you know within the day 😉

We methodical people, without a shadow of a doubt

When we make an ebook we respect 6 fundamental rules

Requests? Doubts? We are available.

Fill out the form to request info or add specifications for a quote. We will be able to direct you to find the right solution with the best value for money. Do you have a spending budget? Tell us how much it is and what your requirements are: we will be able to satisfy your needs.

We always reply within the day.