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1 - How can I start distributing with ePuboo?

Very simple: you sign up and start uploading your ebooks on our platform.
If you don’t have the ebooks ready, there is no need to become an expert and make them yourself. We can carry out the entire production process in the simplest way possible for you. You can order the ebook conversion service and once the file is ready, publish it with a click.
If you have a lot of ebooks to create, don’t forget to let us know. We can assign you a discount range according to the volume of work to be done.

2 - Why choose ePUBoo?

Easy answer.
We offer many services including a single control panel for everything you need: immediate sales monitoring, fast invoicing and collection, a global and wide distribution network, multiple payment methods, sending to shops in maximum 24/48 hours , a very fast customer care and much more…

3 - How high is our commission?

For ebooks, the distribution fee is 9% of the cover price.
For audiobooks, on the other hand, the commission is 19% on the net collected from apps or stores.
If you find those who ask for less for sure they don’t offer the same services.

4 - Can I also distribute and sell ebooks not made by ePUBoo?

Of course yes.
We have a very fast system that allows you to import your ePub files in the blink of an eye!
You just have to add the price, we’ll take care of the rest.

5 - What are the stores where you sell ebooks?

There are over two hundred and fifty stores and they sell ebooks in almost every country on the planet:
24symbols, 9am, A. Stein’sche Buchhandlung, AAVAA, Airberlin holidays, Amahoff, Amazon, Angus Robertson, Ansenso, Antiqua-Online, Apple iBookStore, Aquensis, Asaph Buch- & Musikvertrieb, Athene Media, Athesia Buch, Attatroll Buchladen, BajaLibros, Barnes & Noble, Beam, Besold Buch-Papier, Best-Off, BiDi, Bildner, Bol, Book Republic, Book World, Bookhit, Bookmate, BookWeb, Börsenmedien, Braunbarth Buchhandlung, Brunnen Bibelpanorama, Brunnen, Buch Handels Kontor, Buch und Media, Bücher Keuck, Buchgemeinschaft Meran,, Buchhandlung Backhaus, Buchhandlung Brunner, Buchhandlung Dynamis, Buchhandlung Georg Blendl, Buchhandlung Heyn, Buchhandlung Kisch & Co., Buchhandlung Wirthmiller, buchmaxx, Buchzentrum AG,, Byblon, Carl Hübscher, Casa del Libro, ceBooks, Ceebo, Cento Autori, Ciando, Collins Books, Comelivres AG, Connectare Marketing, Crossword, Cubolibro, D&R, DEAStore, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Dieter Kroos, Digibooksclub, Diplomica, Divibib, DocCheck Medical Services, dradiwaberl uni-buchladen, Easons, EasyBook, Ebook, Ebook Gratis,, eBook-Eddie, eBook-Fieber, Ebookizzati, eBookSky,, Ebrary, eBuch Einkaufsgenossenschaft, E-Coon, Eins A Medien, eLesia, Fachbuch Richter, Feedbooks, Ferdinand Ruckeisen, Fnac, Gandhi, GES, Geschichtlicher Büchertisch, Google Books, Harry Buzzel, Heinrich Köndgen, Hoepli, HörGut, Hugendubel digital, Hummingbird, IBS, Fatto Quotidiano, Giardino Dei Libri, ImCoSys AG, Indigo, Ingram, Inkpot UG, INTU, Jura Buchhandlung Gabriele Haßlocher, Kawohl, Kitapburada, Kobo, KÖBU-Data, Kohlibri René Kohl, Kubon und Sagner, L’Unità, La Feltrinelli, Leamos, Legimi, Libramente, Apollodoro, Libreria Ebook, Libreria Fantasy, Freeonline, Mazy, Noir Italiano, Pour Femme, Professional Book, Rizzoli, Secretary, Sui Pedali, Tuttogratis, Libreria Universitaria, University, Libri, Libris, Librisalus, Liesegang, Life Media, Livraria Cultura, Log.os, LSL, Haufe eLibrary, Maciej Klimkiewicz, Mag. Holger Dominik Steinbichler, Marketingverbund,, Massurgo, Mayersche Buchhandlung, Metzlersche Buchhandlung, Minimax Arndt, Mixtvision Digital, ML Magazine Load, MLOL, Mobilcom-debitel, Mondadori, Morawa, MrEbook, My eBooks, National Bookstore, Net-Ebook, New Crown, Nineva, Nubleer, Numilog, NWB, Odilo, Ökumenisches Presseforum, Omnia Buk, Online-Ebook-Shop, OnlineKiosk, Orange, Osiander, OverDrive, PaperC, Paperplus, Pferdia, Pick’n Pay, Play, Playster, Pocketbook Readers, Porrua, Prestigio, Price Minister, Rakuten, Readfy,, Reteindaco, Rheinbergbuch, S. Toeche-Mittler, Sack Mediengruppe, San Paolo Store, Sarto, Satzwerk, Schäffer, Schulkin GbR, Scribd, SEMDOC Fachbuchhandel, Avanti, Skoobe, Smartbooks-ZED, Snapload, Sobooks, Softdistribution, Spazierer, Standaard Boekhandel, Stephan Lauf, Straelener Buchhaus, StreetLib, Tele Entertainment, Thalia und Orell Fssli, First Club, Tigo, TIM reading, Tolino, Tyrolia, Unibuch Kassel, Unilibro, VARIA System, Veritas, Veron Versicherungsmakler, Versandbuchhandlung Che & Chandler, Virelin, VUB Printmedia, Webster, Weltbild, Wh Smith, etc…

6 - If I have a lot of titles to publish, do I have to upload them one by one?

Don’t worry!
We can carry loads in batch, that is, you can publish hundreds of titles with a single upload using our template XLS and Onix. You just have to fill them in and send them to us.
Then we import everything ourselves.

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