Create, manage and download 'enhanced'
metadata of your printed or digital books

Quickly generate perfectly validated Onix files in XML format
directly, with a simple click, for free. Then send them to whoever you want.
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Create, manage or improve
Onix metadata of your paper
books with the best
online free software.

And also: edit, validate, export, import, delete your XML files as many times as you want

The ∞ Panel was developed to meet the publishing needs of the publishing industry of the present and the future.
Among these needs, essential for being able to resell your titles, is that of having metadata written in a detailed and precise way that respects the world standard ONIX FOR BOOKS.
In your control panel you will find a system that allows you to have total control of your data and to create high quality Onix, tailor-made to be perfectly worn by your business partners.

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You can create up to 100 Onix complete a day from scratch without importing previously saved data. Do not you believe it? Shall we do a speed challenge?

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Nielsen research from 2017 shows an increase in book sales that have up to 95% accurate and complete metadata compared to books with basic information

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Currently available in six languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Soon others.

Easy to use.
There is no need to juggle XML files or understand Onix. The ∞ Panel allows you, using simple and order data entry masks, to easily set up all the data in order to expand your sales globally.


I introduce myself

A free, advanced, customizable Onix system that can be integrated with any workflow or title management system.


It gives you total control over the data quality of your books. Cloud-based system. Allows access from anywhere with a web connection.

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Even if you already use a system that relies on a data validator or on sending pre-compiled Excel files, experience the power of an XML rules-based system, you won't regret it.

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Increase sales and improve profitability. There is no better way for a publishing house to maximize the profitability of their catalog than with excellent Onix metadata.


Include external media: ability to load the cover and associate the book in question with all our other electronic versions ePub, Mobi, PDF and so on...


Onix 3.0 file creation free or based on the specific requests of your business partners. We are working on making it possible for you to send them automatically.

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Yes, for free. You got it right!
Create and manage the metadata of your catalog books in Onix 3.0 format. Set the metadata as you like, tailored to your specific needs or business partner’s, for any use.
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Don’t have time? We’ll think about it. Are you having problems with the quality of your data and want to improve it significantly? Are you looking to upgrade from Onix 2 to Onix 3 to harness the power of the new standard? And… don’t have time?
We can take a look at your data and make you a proposal of what we can do for them.

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