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The audiobook market is constantly growing. It will be the fault of Alexa or Siri, of the time we spend in the car, on the bus or on the subway... Whatever the reason, more and more people are listening books instead of reading them.

Don't stay out of this huge market.
The potential is enormous and the prices for creating the files are lower than you think!

The quickest way from paper to voice

Types of audiobooks we produce

We have something for all tastes, or rather, for all ears!


With a narrative voice, perfect for any book category

With sound effects

Such as doors opening, background noise, animal cries, sounds, etc...

'Like a movie'

Real movies without video with soundtrack, a narrative voice or more voices in the dialogues, noises, etc...

Based on A I

Voices of real people put together by Artificial Intelligence. Perfect for non-fiction, scholastic and textbooks. And cheap!

Prices for audiobooks narrated by real people

They are perfect for any genre, but especially for fiction or where text interpretation is required. The cost depends on the time spent by the narrator. In the case of Artificial Intelligence, however, the cost depends on the number of chapters, not on the time. Generally audiobooks narrated by 'real' people are more expensive than those narrated by A I, but if the number of chapters present is large, they are more affordable. From your control panel you can compare the two prices and see which is cheaper for you. And if you want some advice, just ask!

The price depends on how long your book is, therefore on the number of words or the number of editorial folders. To find out the price, just enter one of these two parameters in your control panel and you will automatically know how much you will spend and how long the audiobook will last in terms of time.

0 USD, GBP or Euro

For each 'finished' recording hour. Equivalent to 8,100 words or 30 editorial folders.
To give you an example, a book of 40,000 words, equivalent to 142 editorial folders, would last almost 5 hours and cost just 750 USD, GBP or Euro.

Everything is included in the price: narrator's work, studio rental, recording, rehearsal listening, editing, MP3 tagging and file delivery.

Prices for audiobooks narrated by A I

Our voices are from real people, in flesh and blood, like you. The A I simply brings them together in reading the book. For this reason they seem 'almost' real. They're great for all genres, even if for fiction we prefer 'true' voices. If your book has few chapters the cost will be ridiculous! Think about it.

The price depends on the number of chapters in your book because each chapter corresponds to an mp3 file and each mp3 file generated must then be tagged and equalised.

0 USD, GBP or Euro

For each 'finished' chapter.
If your book has many chapters, and therefore a higher price than an audiobook read by a 'real' person, we can give you a discount. No worry. Ask and you shall receive!

Everything is included in the price: A I's work, rehearsal listening, editing, MP3 tagging and file delivery.

Listen to our speakers, we have 130 beautiful voices at your disposal

We can produce audiobooks in English with narrator accent native from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria
John :: Human :: USA Charles :: Human :: USA

Mary :: Human :: USA Michelle :: Human :: USA

Travis :: A I :: USA Sharon :: Human :: UK

Laura :: Human :: UK Carly :: A I :: UK

Gregory :: A I :: UK Ruby :: A I :: Australia

Liam :: A I :: Australia Clara :: A I :: Canada

Edita :: A I :: Philippines Krishna :: A I :: India

Mark :: A I :: South Africa Nafisa :: A I :: Nigeria

Hatija :: A I :: Tanzania Zeynuti :: A I :: Kenya

These are only 20 samples, if you want to listen to the whole catalog please write to us!

If you're looking for entries in Spanish, Italian or German, visit the pages in their respective languages.

What if I already have the audio files?

If you have audiobooks in CD format, CD rom, read aloud ebooks, cassette, vinyl, whatever...
Audiobooks professional production

We can create your audiobook without needing to re-record it.
We take care of editing, slicing audio tracks (each chapter must be a separate file), tagging metadata into the audio files and mastering.

In this case, the cost per hour of recording is only 89 USD, GBP or Euro.
You have no more excuses! What are you waiting for to turn your old CD catalog into modern audiobooks?

How to place an order

As usual! Same process as any other order, a couple of minutes

Delivery time

These are our standards, but if you have an urgency we will be able to satisfy you


10 days maximum.



30 days maximum.


3. LIKE...

Depends on complexity.



10 days maximum.

And if you want to distribute them with us...

You are free to choose who to distribute your audiobooks with. If you want to do it with us, you have the audio files, cover and all the metadata already ready on our servers, so all you have to do is add the cover price, and, in a second, you'll put it on sale on the Google Play Store, Il Narratore, Kobo, Streetlib, Wook, Bookbeat, Storytel, Tocalivros, Ubook, Medialibrary, etc... If you want to distribute with someone else you are free to do so. We have never been jealous and never will be 🙂
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And once the audiobook is ready...

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