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eBook Conversion, PDFs and accessible eBooks, eBooks update, audiobooks creation,
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Lifetime warranty on delivered files, even after years.

There are no deadlines: if you encounter problems with the files we create, they are always under warranty.
Our customers know that they can always count on us.
Not for nothing many have been with us for ten years!

Creation of 'standard' ebooks

From conventional 'reflowable' to fixed layout, from 'read aloud' to those customized with your style sheets.
We are the world number 1 in ebook conversion (and we are not exaggerating).
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
ePub reflowableStandard eBooks CreationePub3 reflowablePer page0.27ePub reflowable
ePub reflowable and read aloud synchronized with textStandard eBooks CreationePub3 reflowable - read aloudPer page0.29ePub3 reflowable - read aloud
ePub reflowable with style sheet specifications provided by the customerStandard eBooks CreationePub3 reflowablePer page0.37ePub3 reflowable
ePub fixed layout (FXL)Standard eBooks CreationePub3 FXLPer page0.85ePub3 fixed layout (FXL)
ePub fixed layout and read aloud synchronized with textStandard eBooks CreationePub3 FXL - read aloudPer page0.85ePub3 fixed layout - read aloud
Mobi fixed layout (KF8)Standard eBooks CreationMobi KF8Per page0.85Mobi fixed layout (KF8)

Accessible ebooks and PDFs

Accessibility is the new goal of ebooks for the near future. We have been ready for some time.
Our ePubs meet all Accessibility 1.0 standards and are European Accessibility Act approved; and PDFs are WCAG and PDF / UA standards compliant. And you, are you ready?
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
ePub with Accessibility 1.0 (standards WCAG 2.0) and European Accessibility Act compliantAccessible PDFs and eBooks CreationePub3 reflowablePer page0,34DAISY standards
ePub with Accessibility 1.0 (standards WCAG 2.0) and European Accessibility Act compliant + DAISY ACE Report onlineAccessible PDFs and eBooks CreationePub3 reflowablePer page0,35DAISY standards and Report online
Conversion from standard ePub to ePub with Accessibility 1.0 (standards WCAG 2.0) and European Accessibility Act compliantAccessible PDFs and eBooks CreationePub3 reflowableUnitary49,00ePub3 reflowable
Accessible PDF validated by Adobe Systems (with WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and PDF/UA specifications)Accessible PDFs and eBooks CreationPDF or webPDFPer page0,29PDF or webPDF
Accessible PDF validated by PAC - PDF/UA Foundation (with WCAG 2.1, Section 508 and PDF/UA specifications)Accessible PDFs and eBooks CreationPDF or webPDFPer page0,39PDF or webPDF

Audiobooks! The current fashion

You can choose from 11 storytellers, all of the highest level. Don't stay out of this market.
The potential is enormous and our prices lower than you think.
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
Audiobook StandardAudiobooks CreationMP3Per word0.02Audiobooks Creation
Audiobook with sound effectsAudiobooks CreationMP3Per word0.04Audiobook with sound effects
Audiobook with sound effects and alternative audio instead of picturesAudiobooks CreationMP3Per word0.07MP3
Conversion from eBook read aloud or CD or CD-ROM or other to AudiobookAudiobooks CreationMP3Per minute1.00Conversion from eBook to audiobook

Ebooks update

We are often asked to update or eliminate validation errors of old ebooks made by other suppliers.
It's not that we particularly like working on awful files created by others, but we're here to help, so we're available if you really need them.
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
Correction of validation errors for ePub reflowable fileseBooks UpgradeePub3 reflowableUnitary29.00eBooks Upgrade
Update of contents for ePub reflowable fileseBooks UpgradeePub3 reflowableUnitary29.00ePub3 reflowable
Conversion from standard ePub to ePub with Accessibility 1.0 (standards WCAG 2.0) and European Accessibility Act complianteBooks UpgradeePub3 reflowableUnitary49.00ePub with DAISY specs

Realization of 'special' ebooks

For many but not for everyone. We create particular formats for particular platforms.
If you also need it, tell us about your project and we will be able to provide you with what you need.
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
eBook Vital SourceSpecial eBooks CreationePub3 VitalSource SpecsPer page0.99eBook Vital Source
eBook Bento McGraw-Hill EducationSpecial eBooks CreationePub3 Bento neweBook SpecsPer page2.99ePub3 Bento


InDesign? Xpress? PDF? We know them like the back of our pockets. And we take care of your pockets 🙂
We have always respected all international standards and the most modern technical directives.
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
Web PDF CreationTypesetting servicesPDF or webPDFPer page0.14Web PDF Creation
Accessible PDF with WCAG 2.1, Section 508 and PDF/UA specificationsTypesetting servicesPDF or webPDFPer page0.29PDF or webPDF
OCR - Optical Character Recognition serviceTypesetting servicesWord + PDFPer page0.59OCR
MS Word typesettingTypesetting servicesWord + PDFPer page0.99Word typesetting
Xpress To InDesign ConversionTypesetting servicesInDesign complete package + PDFPer page1.99Xpress To InDesign
InDesign TypesettingTypesetting servicesInDesign complete package + PDFPer page2.99InDesign

Distribution and Onix metadata

These two services are closely related. Since without quality metadata it is unlikely that ebooks will be sold.
We distribute over 250 shops with commissions for us which are the lowest online. Free an Onix generator in XML format for your ebooks.
ServiceCategoryOutputPrice typePrice in € / $Format
Cataloging & OnixeBook Onix 3.0 metadata generatorXMLUnitaryFOR FREE!Onix 3.0 XML
Worldwide online saleEbooks DistributionMoney 🙂Fee9%Ebooks Distribution
Worldwide online saleAudiobooks DistributionMoney 🙂Fee19%Audiobooks Distribution

Our lead times

These are our standards, but if you have urgency we will be able to satisfy you, just ask (but don't get used to it...)


Maximum 10 days guaranteed.
For all types
of ebooks.



Maximum 40 days. For the 'normal' type, narrator only.



24 hours and ebooks and audiobooks will start appearing in shops.



You can request urgent deliveries, even for tomorrow if you order today!
Depending on the urgency, however, we are forced to add a surcharge (precisely to discourage those who make a habit of it).

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