We are not just a supplier, we are
end to end, full service 'co-operators'

From 2010, we are 12 years now, creating and maintaining a long-term
cooperation and mutual trust with our customers
Ask us a question, we're here to help you
A stable, reliable and close-knit work team

We are group of publishing experts, who are all working together almost decades. The Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in this group are having more than 20 years of publishing domain expertise. We are working round the clock with different time zones. We speak many languages. We are always optimistic and result oriented.

Technology must be progress, otherwise it is useless

Our web based Content Management System for customers and work teams are designed for ease of use, data and files security, and speed of management. We are also writing and publishing our own books, so we understand your needs very well.

Communication and payment systems

We can communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French. We are handling invoice billing in many currencies. We have been international since birth and have always been citizens of the world. What language do you speak? What currency do you use?

Bread, wine and publishing

We are:

  • a global company: we work from Europe, Asia and America
  • allergic to timetables and accustomed to goals and urgencies, we don’t look at the clock
  • poets of code, HTML, Php, XML, .Net, CSS
  • fall in love with books, in all their forms
  • ebooks fanatics, in all their formats
  • nomads, artists, readers, writers and publishers
  • lovers of good wines.


( And… Yeah! We’re always available! 😉 )

Manage your entire digital publishing business with the ∞ Panel

Administrate your orders, invoices, ebooks, all your files, the metadata of your paper books in Onix format and much more…

The panel you will use combines a high degree of usability with maximum reliability and safety. It was developed to meet the twenty-first century publishing needs. Our multi-step order, file and metadata management processes ensure smooth and easy delivery of required output files. Publishing is a simple click. Expandable, flexible and innovative, you will not be able to do without it anymore.

Orders, invoices, users and administrators, sales, files, reports and quick assistance. Simple, quick, clear, safe. Not even a child gets lost here.
The dashboards of the panel Everything under control
∞ Panel
Available preview and download in PDF or Excel of all documents and tables, direct sending via e-mail and many other useful and convenient functions.
Data, files, costs, dates, an archive always available. Orders management
∞ Panel
Having the tools for perfect teamwork administration is essential. In your panel you can manage the series, the publishers and your customers (in case you are an intermediary or an agent)
For publishing groups, publishers and agencies. Useful for any type of customer you are
∞ Panel
An order in a flash: direct quotation, metadata entry, cover upload and input file et voilà les jeux sont faits
Fast server even for books that are real... Building blocks Make orders in the blink of an eye
∞ Panel
Direct online payment via credit card or Paypal or with the classic bank transfer, the choice is yours
Balance invoices also online More options, fewer problems
∞ Panel
Management and creation of Onix for books XML files. Enter the data of your paper books and generate the files that you can download or send directly to your commercial partner with a click.
Free Onix, you got it right, free. The more data you associate with your books, the more you sell.
∞ Panel

Our story in five chapters

The years pass, the world changes, the quality remains
  • '10

    The discovery of the ePub (and of the Kindle...)

    The year 2010 runs when we decide to combine our passion for the web with that for books: we learn to make our first ebooks and we immediately realize that we are pioneers and know how to do it 🙂

  • '13

    We have our heads in the... Clouds

    We publish our control system to make life easier for our customers and bring them to the 'cloud' (a word that is starting to be more and more fashionable...). We decide to go from being a 'service provider' to being a 'system as a service'.

  • '15

    1,000 customers!

    We decide to produce files in other alphabets, not just the Latin one. The effort is great, but it is worthwhile: publishers from five continents and fifty countries sign up for ePUBoo. Only Antarctica is missing...

  • '18

    10,000 services performed, 5,000 titles for sale

    To pagination and reflowable ebooks, fixed layouts, read aloud, multimedia, etc, we add formats with specific 'tailored' such as VitalSource and Bento, accessible ebooks with WCAG 2.0 standards and Mobi with Enhanced Typesetting. We continue to study and always update ourselves.

  • '20

    The challenge of smart-working, nothing new, we were used to

    The pandemic takes us to work from home, but the processes, methodologies and quality remain the same as always. It's not an easy time so to help the industry we offer an 'Onix for books' file generator to easily send enhanced metadata to stores, for free.

Numbers speak much more than words

Some data to convince you to contact us (yes, we are trying 😉 )

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If you ask us for an ebook creation service, on average it is enough to sell 5 copies just to recover the investment! Did you already know? And... If you can't do it maybe it's the case that you change jobs, right?

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The percentage of customers who, currently, in addition to asking us for editorial services of typesetting or ebook conversion, also rely on us for distribution.

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The whole platform is under SSL with 2048 bit data encryption. We use advanced security systems to prevent any interception of your data.

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