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A 'human' system.
At your disposal a control panel designed for the management of all processes related to the digital publishing sector.

Through the means at your disposal you will take giant steps in the ebook business. You will be followed by passionate people who understand your needs and goals. We listen to our customers and work together to create a professional experience of 'trust' and a relationship that is not only economic, but also 'human'.
Ask us a question, we are here to help you


The best publishing, pagination and digitization services to produce professional quality books and/or ebooks.


A system and a team of people who will make sure that you waste the minimum time for the management of your orders, files, invoices, collections, etc...


We never ask for advance payments. First we deliver the files and only after your acceptance we send the invoice. More protected than this?


10 days delivery time for all services. Do you need it before? Just ask! For distribution ebooks will be online in 24 hours. For Onix files immediate creation.

eBook creation

Professional ebook formatting services at an economical cost without compromising on quality

ePUBoo puts at your service an excellent technical know-how with the aim of guaranteeing you the creation of always perfect files.

To create your ebooks you cannot automate the conversion process because there are multiple variables depending on the characteristics of the title in question.


The ebooks we do are always created hand made paying attention to every typographic and graphic detail.

The level of quality control is triple: the editor, the project manager and finally the production manager.


We will never send you a finished file…

  • which has not previously been IDPF validated
  • that doesn’t have all the metadata properly inserted
  • that qualitatively is not the best that can be obtained starting from the file you provide us.

We don’t want you to waste time on unnecessary checks.

You already have little time to be a publisher, for only 27 cents per page (Euro or US$), let us do your ebooks! It’s money (few) well spent!


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Typesetting InDesign - Xpress - Word - Pdf

Outsourcing: a strategic choice towards efficiency and flexibility for all publishing houses

We have at your disposal a team of experienced and highly qualified editors with professional knowledge of typesetting and composition of magazines and books of all kinds.


Softwares we use::

– InDesign – Quark Xpress – LaTeX – 3B2 – Word.


Reference alphabet::

– Latino.


Supported Languages::

– English – Spanish – Italian – French – German – Dutch – Portuguese.


Main services:

– Typesetting InDesign – Files conversions from Xpress to InDesign – Word file editing for print-ready PDF – And more…


Visit the dedicated page to find out more!

'Enhanced' metadata Onix for Books

Create Onix files for your paper books without the need to know XML and send them with one click

The key to increasing your book sales is having flawless and complete metadata.
Using ePUBoo you won’t have to juggle Excel sheets, study XML or understand the Onix format.


The intuitive design of our data entry masks allows you to easily create rich and validated metadata according to Editeur standards, so that the cards of your paper books for sale are clearly visible in all stores. Because if a book looks good… It also sells!


  • Are you having problems with the quality of your data and need to improve it?
  • Thinking of switching from Excel or the old XML NotePad to Onix 3 to send your data?
  • Are you deciding whether to exploit the potential offered by the new standard to keep up with the times?

With us you are free to create (and update) as many files as you want FOR FREE.
Through a system accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection with a normal browser.
Automated sending of your Onix format files to your business partners, such as IFLA or GPO, with a simple… Click!


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Worldwide digital distribution

Go to 250 online stores without registration fees and without exclusivity in total freedom

Our global distribution system offers all the tools to successfully sell in the growing international digital market.
From the creation of the ebook to the sale, from reporting to invoicing to the payment of sales, our goal is to be by your side from the beginning to the end of the process.


For you: customizable prices for each shop – Possibility to add pre-sale ebooks – Management of multiple publishing brands, book necklaces or series – Watermark or Adobe DRM protection – Ebook rental, single sale or with ‘book club’ affiliation – Automated and simple billing system – Over 250 shops connected through 50 different networks – Publishing times of 24, maximum 48 hours – Ability to publish hundreds of titles with a single upload – Statistics, graphs and sales data in real time day by day – You can choose to be paid by bank transfer, credit card, Payoneer, TransferWise or Paypal


And finally… We know you want to know: only 9% commission on sales witheld by ePUBoo.
What else do you want? A fresh beer? Go down to the pub and buy it! Now let’s not overdo it, huh! 😉


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Because percentages matter

Next target: 100%


96% of the realized books are accepted by our clients at the first delivery. This means that only 4 out of 100 are reported to us with some details to change or fix. So we all waste less time: both you and us!


94% of the tickets opened from the 'Help' section of the customer control panel have a response within two hours on working days. The maximum wait ever recorded in 10 years is 48 hours and it has happened just 5 times.


As many as 90% of all ebooks made have reflowable ePub format. Indeed, it is not for nothing that this is the 'eBook' par excellence, the most salable and versatile one. The remaining 5% is made up of audiobooks and Read Aloud formats. 4% of requests for Fixed Layouts and just 1% for Enhanced books.

What our customers say

We are proud of the feedback we have received over the years, here are just a few
I am extremely happy with the quality of the files delivered, the speed of realization of the services and the customer care: the excellent work of producing our titles in ebook format is accompanied by a high human depth in relationships. I am sure that our collaboration will last for a long time to come.
Our Clients

Raymond Smith

Reed Elsevier

I thank the staff for the excellent work of converting our titles into different ebook read aloud and multimedia formats. Their effectiveness in responding to all our needs and problems (even at the last minute...) pleasantly surprised us at the beginning of our collaboration. We weren't wrong, five years have already passed. Thanks and good job!
Our Clients

José Luis Alvarez Gil

Grupo Planeta

We know that the particular specifications required for our products are quite complex. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the ePUBoo production team learned them. Since then we have made several dozen and we are sure that we have found the right partner for our technical needs.
Our Clients

Laura Peterson

VitalSource Technologies Inc.

We were looking for a supplier for our Bento NeweBook project and we found it. The quality of the files created is excellent, the control panel is absolutely essential when managing dozens of orders per month and communication is always punctual and precise. Keep it up!
Our Clients

David Miller

McGraw Hill Educational

What we most appreciate about ePUBoo (apart from the purely technical discourse concerning the 'mere' code) is the ability to always satisfy ourselves: do we have an urgency? No problem. A post production change? No problem. An unexpected event? No problem. Never once have they told us 'no'. Personally, they make my life easier, so I can say with certainty that... I love ePUBoo.
Our Clients

Christian Müller

Bonnier Group

We were very lucky, eight years ago (!) To find ePUBoo. After a few years bouncing between one supplier and another from every corner of the world, one day finally we asked them for a very complex demo in a very short time. Let's say we put them to the test. Since then we have placed our utmost and complete trust in them for everything related to our digital editions. Thanks guys.
Our Clients

Enrico Bianchini

RCS Mediagroup

10,000 ebooks delivered, 2,000 happy customers, 50,000 titles for sale
12 years of experience, 3,000 XML Onix generated, 8 great partners

And you... What are you saying? Wouldn't you trust us?
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